Jonathan Campo is from New Orleans. He lives and works in Brooklyn. What does he do aside from referring to himself in the 3rd person on his web site?

So, so much.

"So much that I do for this here humanity", he says.

He's been working as an art director in New York City for the past 9 years. Or is it 10 now? Who's counting? He certainly isn't. "Long enough", he says.

He knows all the ad agency dances! The Digital Mashed Potato. The Integrated Mambo. The Social Samba. He knows these dances so well, he'll sweep your date off the dance floor with little more than some efficient use of Photoshop layer comps! "I don't know where this metaphor is going", he says.

When he's not hustlin' up Hudson St. or down Madison Avenue, he illustrates, paints, makes silly animated shorts and dreams of one day having his own animated series that will get canceled after one glorious season of shitty ratings. People will refer to it years later with musings like "whoa, what happened to that show?!'" and he'll be all like "yo, I'm just chilling next to Herman's Head,  sucka!"

Some other stuff about him:

He's too lazy to watch movies that don't stream instantly on Netflix. Although now he's thinking about migrating over and applying this behavior to Hulu Plus. Thoughts?

He makes a scary good seafood gumbo.

He wishes there was a cerebrum suck device to vacuum his brain clear of actionscript 2 so he could use that space for more important things. Like a second language, for example. Or knife-throwing.

When he hears the phrase "everything happens for a reason" he gets so agitated that he could take a hammer to a basket of kittens. Cute, fluffy kittens with names like Mr.Whiskers.

He went to college at Washington University in St. Louis.

He plays music occasionally.

He writes overwrought Yelp reviews.

He just might be available for some freelance work. Ask him.