Elevate your Holiday

Ah, Don Julio. It's an amazing product. Delicious tequilas from authentic, humble roots in Jalisco, Mexico. A perfect gift to give to a friend during the holiday season – which, as it turns out, was the core strategy for our Elevate Your Holiday campaign. 

The Don Julio client had, IMHO, a bit of an identity crisis. They had Lil' Jon – yes, that Lil' Jon – as their "unofficial spokesman". Dude even had his own custom bottle. Don Julio looked the other way from Lil' Jon's, err, enthusiasm, but didn't exactly frown on it either.

It would have all been awesome if they simply embraced the hardcore party, or even if they outright rejected it. Instead, they danced a confusing limbo. They convinced themselves to position Don Julio as an above-the-fray, top shelf luxury product while remaining publicly silent on the grassroots, wild party following. 

All that said, we managed to find a sophisticated yet energetic look and feel for this holiday campaign platform that rolled out over all of Don Julio's digital channels.

My Role

Creative Direction,

Art Direction, Design



Tequila Don Julio