Assets for my upcoming 'Facebook FeedSpeak 6000 [Beta]'

So there's this new animated faux-infomercial thing I'm almost finished. It moves fast. I've never really done one of these rapid-fire punchline focused things – consciously avoided them in fact. But since I really want to make more of this stuff during my time on this Goldilocks rock I figured it would be a good exercise to pick up a tried and true contrived format for once. 

In this case, I chose the ole parody infomercial standard because a) even though it's been done to death for years I still enjoy the format and and b) It would be fun and c) why the hell not? The only problem is that I spend so much time on the art that it's kind of silly to appropriate my obstinate, time-consuming visual style to something like this. In other words, the proportion of the quality of punchline to time spent on painting and subsequent computer hackery is grim. A sad little decimal followed by lots of zeros. Zeros with frown-y faces.

So here are some painting assets which are mangled somewhere in the final animation for a second or two, if they're lucky.